I’ve always loved the feeling that an ambiguous subject brings into being, how at a later time it produces a different experience and how different these experiences are for each person that comes to observe it through their own prism of perspective.

I believe this is the joy that comes from creating something that, while seemingly static, it’s actually in motion —a motion that originates in the perceiver. I believe this is the movement of consciousness.

This is the goal of my work: to create  movement that has no anchor in time as each unique observer threads their own invisible string of consciousness into the weaving of a larger more beautiful tapestry …because… isn’t this what life is all about?

-Epiphanio Alexander


Epiphanio was Born in Veracruz Mexico. Studied photography and has been a devoted musician for over 20 years. He’s been running his own Graphic and Web Design business Pearl Planet Design for over 15 years.

Epiphanio has painted since a young age and seriously for the last few years. He’s a dancer and a huge Sci-Fi nerd,  currently writing a Sci-Fi novel. Epiphanio has been a truth and spiritual seeker his whole life, studied numerous spiritual traditions and every day continues to be amazed by the grand adventure of life.

He currently lives with his wife in Olympia, Washington USA.

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