See Things As They Are

One of the few things I know with absolute certainty, and I get the feeling that you’ll agree with me, is that people lie.

In the past I’ve chosen to bypass, unobserve what’s downright obvious —those big red flags— in the hopes that they may not exist at all, even though they were right there for me to see regardless of what I would’ve wanted them to be. I’m mostly referring to people’s behaviour in my personal interactions but I’m also referring to culture in general …and science.

According to science Continue reading “See Things As They Are”

The Presence Of Nothing

A great place where I find “nothing” is dance, Group Ecstatic Dance to be precise. Again, like with painting, there are no words in the dance so there are no misunderstandings, things are what they are and unless you’re blinded by your own desires, there’s only the movement within the rhythm. It’s not a given but the “presence of nothing” can be experienced in this environment if you know how to open the door.

There is a point in the dance where you reach a barrier when Continue reading “The Presence Of Nothing”

The Alchemy Of Simplicity

Aperture #5 by Epiphanio Alexander

My friend/band mate texted me wanting to know if we could meet that afternoon and I’d never read him so eager to meet. I told him it had to wait till after midnight since that was my cooking day (I cook once a week for the whole week). I suggested he could go see a band and have a beer until I get to the studio.

I was intrigued and wanted to find out what was going on so I pushed to get my prepping done and got to the studio at around 12:30am. A bit afterwards he showed up with a slight tipsy jolly and (I’m paraphrasing here) began praising the man:

“I got this book for you… I’ve been on fire, can’t stop thinking about branding!”

I looked at the green on black book, it read: “Crush it! by Gary Vaynerchuk.” Continue reading “The Alchemy Of Simplicity”

Only You Can Decide Your Future


Aperture #2 by Epiphanio Alexander. 36″x 48″ Oil impasto on Board with UV Gloss Varnish.
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I still remember going to see Return of the Jedi in the theater in Mexico city, must have been 5 or 6 years old but I was blown away. I hadn’t seen the previous installments so I didn’t know the story but it didn’t matter, it still got me to a degree that very few movies (to this day) have. It was amazing: the characters, the special effects, make up art, the spaceships, laser saber duels… George Lucas had made a world of fantasy as real as this one …or maybe even more, but what really got to me was The Force.

I was just a child but I could feel deep inside my being that The Force was real… Continue reading “Only You Can Decide Your Future”

The Power Of Inertia

Aperture #8 by Epiphanio Alexander. 36″x 48″ Oil impasto on Board with UV Gloss Varnish.

As I’m walking away from the building, my friend from the neighbor building says from his 2nd floor window:

“Are you dead?”

It was like a “Twilight Zone” moment, I was already off by the inertia of my own procrastination and thinking that all my work and equipment could just blow up any moment… Continue reading “The Power Of Inertia”

When Work & Play Are One

Aperture #6 by Epiphanio Alexander. 36″x 48″ Oil impasto on Board with UV Gloss Varnish.

In 1999, I went to visit my mom in Veracruz, Mexico and while there, I recorded some music. At the time, the producer I was working with was also promoting a very unique artist which I had the honor of meeting. His name was Artemio (known as “Artemio con los pies descalzos”) and we hung out a few times.

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Uprooting The Weed Of Indifference

Aperture #7 by Epiphanio Alexander. 36″x 48″ Oil impasto on Board with UV Gloss Varnish.

“The opposite of love is not hate …it’s indifference.” —Elie Wiesel

The other day I did the routine update to my WordPress website software and checked out the “Freedoms” tab which explains the type of license that WordPress operates on: an Open Source General Public License (GPL). I already knew this, but it just feels good to see a solid business model that works from every angle.

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The Sweetness Of Doing Nothing

Aperture #1 by Epiphanio Alexander. 36″x 48″ Oil impasto on Board with UV Gloss Varnish.

I had an Italian friend who taught me an invaluable lesson just by being himself. I haven’t seen him in years, don’t know what he’s up to now but my friend, he knew how to enjoy every moment.

I don’t know if all Italians can cook pizza like him, but his was legendary. One time we were both working at a community event: he was cooking the pizza, I was selling it and we had a queue of 10 to 15 people all the time throughout the 10 or so hours that the event lasted.

At some point I was freaking out, the pizza wasn’t cooking as fast as it was selling and the queue was getting longer, so I walked up to the kitchen to find my friend totally relaxed, laughing, drinking his wine and chatting to his heart’s content.

It pissed me off… Continue reading “The Sweetness Of Doing Nothing”

Labels Are Like Ghost Blades

Aperture #4 by Epiphanio Alexander. 36″x 48″ Oil impasto on Board with UV Gloss Varnish.

So what is to be an artist? What is prestige, recognition, status? Why is it that every time I think about any of these labels, it feels like I’m putting on a prison suit?

In my first brick and mortar show, I was talking with a man looking at my work, at some point he asked if it was abstract something or whatever else, I don’t remember what.

“It’s nothing” I said, “…it’s just paint on a board. I paint until it makes me feel good, you can call it whatever you want but it’s really nothing.” He looked at me and smiled, I could feel a relief in his vibe, he also knew that it was nothing. I continued, Continue reading “Labels Are Like Ghost Blades”

How I Discovered The Lie Of The World

Aperture #3 by Epiphanio Alexander. 36″x 48″ Oil impasto on Board with UV Gloss Varnish.

A few days ago I commented on a vloger’s post. She thanked me for the comment and I thought that was it but later in the day someone replied to my comment. The reply had nothing to do with her post, nor with my comment, which was about how the real transmission is in between the words, and how we all use filters to perceive the world and exchange information. The reply said: Continue reading “How I Discovered The Lie Of The World”

How Creativity Saved My Life

Visions #1 by Epiphanio Alexander. 36″x 48″ Oil impasto on Board with UV Gloss Varnish.

Have you ever looked at the stars on a clear night and wondered how vast the universe is?, how much is out there?, how much we don’t know?

In fact, you don’t even need to look out of this planet to feel the magnitude of life itself; there’s so much right here and even more inside yourself.

It’s infinite how much I don’t know that I don’t know, but I want to… and now I can.

In 2014 I was in a very different place. I was in the deepest, darkest place I had ever been and I wanted to kill myself. For 20 years I had been studying everything related to spirituality that you can imagine but it had all become meaningless and I was beyond stuck. It all began one day in the fall of 1994… Continue reading “How Creativity Saved My Life”