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See Things As They Are

One of the few things I know with absolute certainty, and I get the feeling that you’ll agree with me, is that people lie.

In the past I’ve chosen to bypass, unobserve what’s downright obvious —those big red flags— in the hopes that they may not exist at all, even though they were right there for me to see regardless of what I would’ve wanted them to be. I’m mostly referring to people’s behaviour in my personal interactions but I’m also referring to culture in general …and science.

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Uprooting The Weed Of Indifference

Aperture #7 by Epiphanio Alexander. 36″x 48″ Oil impasto on Board with UV Gloss Varnish.

“The opposite of love is not hate …it’s indifference.” —Elie Wiesel

The other day I did the routine update to my WordPress website software and checked out the “Freedoms” tab which explains the type of license that WordPress operates on: an Open Source General Public License (GPL). I already knew this, but it just feels good to see a solid business model that works from every angle.

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