Aperture #4 by Epiphanio Alexander. 36″x 48″ Oil impasto on Board with UV Gloss Varnish.

One of the few things I know with absolute certainty, and I get the feeling that you’ll agree with me, is that people lie.

In the past I’ve chosen to bypass, unobserve what’s downright obvious —those big red flags— in the hopes that they may not exist at all, even though they were right there for me to see regardless of what I would’ve wanted them to be. I’m mostly referring to people’s behaviour in my personal interactions but I’m also referring to culture in general …and science.

According to science, the very foundation of reality is the subatomic quantum field and/or what lies underneath it (which makes a lot of sense to me by the way). However, after the trillions of dollars that have gone into research since Planck’s Constant, still to this day science can’t pin down what the heck is going on down there and the best they can come up with is:

“Well, we don’t actually know what’s going on…”—Yeah! …that’s pretty much Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle laid out for you in layman terms and you know what… I’m going to call bullshit!

I think that someone somewhere must have already figured this out by now and it ended up being so outrageous and liberating that it had to be kept under wraps. Why?

Because this information will dissolve all the constructs that humanity has built —All you have to do is look at how modern civilization operates, weigh it against the seamless flow of how nature functions, and you’ll see that a box has been diligently laid out to contain unpredictability… Unpredictability! …the very definition of quantum mechanics!

Just look at a cityscape from a plane above, what does it look like? …I remember watching this video of a young Bjork pulling apart an old TV and mentioning how its innards looked like a “city” also how she became very frightened about what she learned from a poet about TV but later read the scientific “truth”; how that took her fear away and how you shouldn’t let poets “lie” to you… ;)

I know I’m being vague in what I’m saying here, because I can’t tell you what things are, no one can, that’s impossible. Instead I’m pointing towards the intangible and I want you to connect the dots and connect them in the way that make sense to you, but before saying anything else; I want to state loud and clear that in my opinion, you should always move towards that which brings you peace within, no matter what “the truth” may be.

My point here is that what we describe as reality may not be real after all, or said in a different manner: “our understanding of reality —acknowledged by science— is incomplete” and hence most of the assumptions we take as irrefutable truths on a day to day basis may be inaccurate and it’s not like you can call the “Human Shenannigans Department” and complain:

“…Hey! I think you guys are full of it! …This reality ain’t real, I know it! …I want my money back!” …lol! ;)

No seriously, even though as far as I can tell, I haven’t left this planet, I know the universe is real. It’s another of those things that when I look at the stars I just know they’re real; however, say that to one of those “Flat Earth” proponents!

Yeah I know! the easy thing is just to say they’re crazy, ignorant, that they’re just stubborn nincompoops …but are they? …Consider for a moment that Elon Musk (founder of Paypal, Tesla & SpaceX) and Astrophysicist Neil De’Grasse Tyson among many other Sillicon Valley highshots believe that we may already be living inside a computer simulation.

The extent of the internet and advancements in technology and cybernetics is not public knowledge. For all intended purposes, it may already be possible to upload a person’s consciousness to a server and there may already be people living inside computer simulations …let that sink in for a moment.

I mean just look around, how many people are looking at the phone right now? How many are immersed in the social media world? How did you ended up reading this page? Have you seen a virtual reality chatroom? …And video games? I can attest to this, I’ve been there, open world games are immersive and fun …but I’ve seen the seams.

Could it be that “Flat Earthers” are people already living in a simulation and for them their Earth is indeed flat and they just know it? And would it be too much to consider that to be a reality somewhere already? Or could that be just another intentional intelligence operation? Could Elon Musk and Neil De’Grasse Tyson’s beliefs be true just because they’re recognized and respected members of the High Council of Elves (lol! ;)

Look at the world! …Zuckerberg just testified to a ridiculously unprepared (was it?) US congress that facebook sold their user’s personal info away. People trusted facebook and what happened? …I’m not even going to get into politics and war, you know what’s going on there …do you, do we?

I mean on a down-to-earth (literal! ;) note, do you know that tilling the soil to plant a garden is actually counter-productive because of the damage to the mycorrhizal fungi?

One of the few things I know with absolute certainty is that people lie. Another one is that I can no longer navigate my life based on what’s commonly accepted as reality, the reputations, news, media and the word from the High Elf Councils of whatever…

I now know that my future doesn’t exist unless I make it myself moment to moment. It is me who makes my own floor as I take every step forward and I want to share with you my guidelines for how to navigate this transition into a different way of perceiving reality, which I believe is our introduction into the multiverse:

1. Do not believe in anything from any source, including me.
2. However, listen to everything for as far fetched as it may sound.
3. Then weigh it against your heart —not your mind, not your logic— your heart (sorry psychopaths, nothing here for you, move along… lol!)
4. If it feels right, no matter how out there, take it in and give it a whirl.
5. Then test it, test it, test it, never take it for granted.
6. Only experience will show you the truth, your own truth.

The time to be naive is over. It’s time to wake up and open your eyes, the floor is gone. See things for what they are because they are not what you wish they were. Things are what they are. Look at them and make sober decisions for what you want them to become and then get to work on it. Your future is now in your own hands, only you can you make your own floor …your own way.


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